8% of your CRM data expired in the last 3 months. That's 32% a year.

People change roles every 3.1 years on average. So if you're not maintaining your CRM:

MeasureGrow are a team of lead gen specialists. We exist to help you stand out with lead generation that won't make you cringe.

Your sales team is wasting time.

Your sales team are wasting time and effort working with incorrect data in the pipeline.

You're missing opportunities.

You miss opportunities for warm touch-points with prospects. Like congratulating them on a promotion.

You're harming your domain.

High bounce rates from incorrect emails can cause domain damage and lower email deliverability rates.

Your choices, previously?

Historically, as a marketer you've had two choices. Buy expensive data from a pre-gathered list - or do it yourself.

Buy old data

Paying expensive data aggregators for their pre-gathered (and-out-of-date) data.

Do it manually

Time-consuming, open to human error and downright boring.

Or, we can do it for you.

CRM and Contact validation and enrichment. No hassle, no stress.

Contact Validation
Tags for contacts (moved role or company)
Current contact email address
Contact location, time in role and company
Current company size, domain & industry
Current company specialities & location
From £0.25 per contact.
Validation & Enrichment
Everything included in Contact Validation
The contact's office address & phone number
Company growth over the last 12 months
Specific team size changes over 12 months
Number of open positions for specific teams
Ad spend over the last 12 months
Site traffic over the last 12 months
Website technology used by the company
From £0.45 per contact.

The best data, done your way. Without a single VLOOKUP.

Gathered live, for you.

No bought, out-of-date data. You get the correct information for your CRM & pipeline.

Robots find, humans check.

The data gathering is automated for accuracy and consistency - then reviewed by humans.

Flexible formatting.

Need the output in a specific way? No problem. We'll output the data to spec for simple re-upload.

Regular requirements?

No problem. Let us know - we offer discount for recurring tasks. And can work to custom briefs.

Want to talk about it?

Let us know below and we'll get back to you right away to set up a call.