The MeasureGrow Prospector

Do your best outreach in less time.

First step. We find your perfect audience.

When you work with us, we'll spend the first week finding and honing a list of your perfect target prospects.

No brief too obscure. And if we haven't done it before, we'll build something custom.

Some examples of briefs we've had for inspiration:

Finding more people like existing clients

We found the common threads, then revealed more like them.

For a rota software SaaS business...

COOs of UK companies where employees negatively reviewed their rota system.

Marketing Teams using Lithium Community software

Finding all the companies using Lithium, and their senior marketing contacts.

Then we return 200+ data points on each prospect.

If they've recently moved job, or been featured in an article, you'll know.

All their LinkedIn skills, roles, posts
Their email, Facebook and Twitter accounts
News articles where they've been featured
A full personality and traits analysis.

And their company too...

You'll see if they've recently raised funding or released a new service.

Their growth and revenue
A full description of what they do
Recent news and press releases
Team structure and social channels

A fully-researched dossier on 15 new prospects, ready each morning.

So you can start the day knowing who you're dealing with and how to articulate your proposition for them for a more effective first conversation.

So you can start a conversation via LinkedIn

You can invite them on LinkedIn directly from the Prospector, and set up your follow-up messages. So if they connect, but don't reply they will get your follow-ups. Which stop as soon as they reply.

Your best intros.

Instantly set yourself apart from templated mass-messaging with well-researched, high-quality outreach.

All the tedious parts, automated.

No more spending hours researching and checking if your targets have connected or replied.

Track your wins.

Your dashboard will show your progress and reply rate, so you can hone your results with ease.

Instead of...

Hey {firstname}, I'm trying to expand my network. Please connect with me.

You stand out with...

Morning Rob, I saw your article on Account Based Marketing from last week. You nailed it with your point on copywriting and tone.

I'd love to connect with you and hear more.

Your best outreach, backed by data. None of the boring stuff.

We find your whole audience

Before you start, we scour the web to find all the people and companies who match your criteria. So you can see your whole addressable market.

Give you the detail you need

Everyday, we'll find everything about your prospects. So you've got a dossier of all the relevant information, right at your fingertips.

So you can introduce yourself

Now time for you to work your magic, use all the information to create a high-quality, well-researched LinkedIn intro message and follow-ups.

The Prospector

Upgrade your prospecting approach. Automate the time-consuming parts and focus on what really matters.

Book a call with us and let us show you what it can do.


/ mo.

You supply the list of leads

15 contacts enriched per day

Full Prospector access


/ mo.

We find your leads for you

15 contacts enriched per day

Full Prospector access

Outreach advice

Regular check in calls

What's the setup process?

Nice and simple, we'll send you a link where you can create an account. Then we'll book a call to talk through your targeting and lead gathering process. Then once we've got your leads uploaded, we'll have one final call to walk through the Prospector and how best to use it.

Can I trial the Prospector?

Absolutely, there are no lengthy contracts. So you're welcome to try the prospector with no long-term commitments.

What sort of results do people get?

Typically our clients achieve a 31% connection back rate, and a 34% reply rate. Compare that vs traditional email our cold call outreach and you've got an incredibly powerful tool on your hands.

What information do you need from me?

If you're on the Full Plan, we'll have a targeting call, where we talk about who you're looking to engage with and we'll then gather those people to your specifications. The full process takes about a week, then you're good to go.

Do you write the outreach copy for me?

The Prospector is designed to free you up to write your best outreach copy. You're the expert, and our part is to find you the right people, give you all the information you need and help you automate the sending, checking and other admin tasks.