The MeasureGrow Segmenter

The intelligence behind our outreach.

What does it do?

We feed in all of the prospects in your audience, and this enriches them all with over 300 data points, from live sources around the web. This gives us, and you all the information needed to segment these into similar groups with incredible accuracy.

Here are some examples...

Companies in growth mode.

Companies hiring a large amount of senior employees and have just received investment.

Their motivations are obvious - they're making changes, increasing budgets and expecting growth. A great time to step in.


new in role.

People who rarely use LinkedIn, who are new in their roles (3-6 months).

They're new, so are open to change, but not so new that they aren't ready. Also, since they rarely use LinkedIn, let's choose another channel to approach them.

Marketing budget growth.

Companies who use Hubspot, and are increasing their marketing spend.

Are they throwing money at a problem, or have they found a rich seam? If you offer marketing - and are skilled with Hubspot, this is a great time to introduce yourself.

Contact Data

Basics: Their name, age, gender & location
Contact: Their email address and social profiles
Employment: Their career path and skills
Online activity: Where do they hang out & when
Content preferences: What do they care about
Work address: Which office they work in

Company Data

Basics: Size, industry, locations.
Growth: Broken down by individual teams
Marketing: Ad spend & site traffic over 12 months
Investment: Recent investment rounds & total funding
Technologies: The tech they use
Hiring: Who they're hiring

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